Stormwater Facility Inspections


As a result of the Federal roll-out of National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4), municipalities have been given the authority and are requiring large contributors to their storm sewers to comply with stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs). including but not limited to:

  • Installation of silt sacks in storm inlets

  • Annual removal of sediment in stormwater ponds and tilling of soils in the bottom of the ponds

  • Routine inspection of site systems during and/or after significant storm events to identify locations of concentrated flow and increased erosion potential

  • Installation of BMPs promoting infiltration and filtration, including

    • Rock filters

    • Pervious pavement

    • Grass filter strips

    • Landscaped rain gardens

    • Check dams to slow runoff

    • Rain barrels

    • Many more

The purpose of these BMPs is to increase infiltration of surface water to the groundwater, reducing runoff, which can cause erosion and overwhelm municipal storm sewers and nearby streams, potentially causing flooding to downstream neighbors. 

Many of these requirements are new for clients starting in 2019, depending on the state/jurisdiction you are in and the size of your facility.  Documentation of these BMPs and inspections must be maintained, as many municipalities are beginning to request copies of the documentation as proof that the stormwater program is being implemented.


Services offered:

  • Stormwater Facility Management/Maintenance Plans

  •  Expand Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SP3)

  •  Stormwater Facility Inspection Compliance

  •  Stormwater Facility Inspection Forms and Logs

  •  Stormwater Facility Inspection Training

  •  Reviews of past municipal permits for site-specific requirements

  •  Stormwater BMP Design

  •  Stormwater BMP Documentation

  •  Soil testing criteria review

  •  Infiltration basin design

  •  Deed review for easements and restrictions

  •  Local municipal ordinance compliance

  •  Retrofit facility design

  •  Low impact development techniques

  •  Stormwater runoff rates and volume computation design and verification

  •  Landscaping and vegetation review and enhancement

  •  Professional Engineer annual maintenance plan review

Advanced GeoServices Corp., a Montrose Environmental Group company (AGC/Montrose), can help you comply with stormwater facilities inspections on developed properties.

For over the past 10 years, municipalities have been driven by state environmental agencies to better manage stormwater.  This focus has been to reduce stormwater runoff and prevent flooding to adjoining properties.  These actions also present “cleaner” stormwater once it enters a stream or lake.  Specific construction techniques and BMPs have been incorporated in land development approval processes.  Each property also had a Stormwater Facility Maintenance Plan, which include inspection requirements.

One may have purchased a facility or leased a facility that has a Stormwater Management Plan that requires a yearly inspection by a professional engineer.  Many times these plans are recorded with the property deed.  Many leases require the facility operator to comply with all rules and regulations while occupying the property.  Sometimes these stormwater maintenance plans are difficult to locate and many property management firms may have neglected to provide the plans to a new tenant.

AGC/Montrose has experienced professional engineers that have municipal engineering work experience or stormwater design with land development experience.  These engineers can help obtain the original plans or create a new inspection format based on the stormwater features observed on the site, referencing state regulatory stormwater management guidance manuals.

The states usually require the stormwater facility inspection to be completed by June 30th each year.  Please contact Dan Wright, P.E. at 610.840.9167 or

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