SEI Investment Campus in Oaks, PA

SEI Investment Campus in Oaks, PA

Stormwater Management Services


Proper management of stormwater is an issue that faces every development project.  With increasing scrutiny over how stormwater affects a site, our clients are faced with mounting costs relating to stormwater design.  They turn to us to offer practical, cost-effective solutions to these issues. 

Advanced GeoServices has been working on stormwater designs for decades, a leader and advocate of Best Management Practices, long before the latest standards were adopted by PADEP and other state agencies. 

Drawing upon our civil engineering and landscape architecture practices, we understand that each site is unique and needs to be evaluated to find the most appropriate solution.  Looking past the traditional engineering control designs, we strive to create designs that not only incorporate the site’s features but also the landscape design to create innovative solutions that are both natural and that minimize the need for additional, unsightly, and costly engineering features.

Our innovative designs have included underground cisterns, rain gardens, porous pavement, infiltration beds that double as general landscaping, underground infiltration basins, roof collection systems, water channels that are incorporated into building designs, vegetated swales, wetlands for forbays, and wetland mitigation .

Ultimately, we strive to create designs that blend man-made structures into the natural landscape while at the same time providing the necessary engineering controls.

Advanced GeoServices has been following the latest EPA regulations regarding the institution of a Final Rule that would impact construction and development projects in the Commonwealth.  The EPA regulations instituted requirements for erosion and sediment control best management practices to be implemented on all construction and development projects disturbing 1 acre or greater. In addition, the Final Rule implemented an Effluent Limitation Guideline impacting projects disturbing areas greater than 10 acres at one time. Essentially, the ELG restricts the discharge from construction sites from having turbidity values in excess of 280 NTU. The ELG limitation was being phased in over a four year period with the first criteria for disturbances over 20 acres to become effective August 2011.

Advanced GeoServices Corp has been presenting this information throughout the year to private clients, local municipal representatives and at a PADEP Southeast Regional Roundtable meeting. PADEP invited us  to present at the Annual Statewide Training Meeting where approximately 250 Conservation District and PADEP representatives would be in attendance.

Advanced GeoServices presented a brief summary of the Rule and presented case data on three current construction projects at the Annual Statewide Training Meeting held on October 26-28, 2010.  The case studies identified the project controls used and the related turbidity results during various rainfall events in 2010.

In August 2010, the ELG was remanded to EPA with direction to develop a numeric limitation that was attainable and defendable.

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