AGC Attending Pennsylvania PFAS Action Team Public Meeting on April 15

As part of Advanced GeoServices’ ongoing efforts to continue servicing clients with PFAS issues, Steve Kirschner will be attending the Pennsylvania PFAS Action Team public meeting on April 15, 2019.  The meeting will discuss:

Image courtesy of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Image courtesy of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

  • PFAS Action Team;

  • MCL update;

  • Toxicological issues;

  • PFAS Pilot Study;

  • Laboratory Instrumentation;

  • Land Recycling Program Regulatory Package

  • Staff Sampling Training

  • Drinking Water Sampling Plan

  • EPA PFAS Action Plan

  • Sources, Impacts, & Water Supplier Needs

  • Township Recommendations

  • Redevelopment of the Willow Grove Site

  • PFAS Management

The Pennsylvania PFAS Action Team was created in September 2018 by Governor Wolf to address PFAS issues within the Commonwealth.  The Action Team is led by the secretaries of Environmental Protection, Health, Military and Veteran Affairs, Community and Economic Development, Agriculture, and the State Fire Commissioner.

Steve Kirschner leads the Montrose Emerging Contaminants Team, which is comprised of professionals that address PFAS issues impacting sampling, remediation, brownfields, water treatment, stormwater, air, laboratory instrumentation, chemistry, toxicology, industrial, water supplier, and municipal issues.  Montrose is able to combine our expertise from various experts nationwide to help our clients address their PFAS issues.  To learn more about the PA PFAS Action Team meeting or to discuss, contact:

Steve Kirschner, P.E.
Senior Project Consultant

Pennsylvania updates General Industrial Stormwater Permit regulations

PA Updates General Industrial Stormwater Permit

Pennsylvania recently updated its requirements for the General Permit for Discharges of Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activity, which include:

  • New sector-specific requirements;
  • Stormwater pollutants benchmarking;
  • Semi-annual outfalls inspections and sampling;
  • eDMR system reporting;
  • Annual renewal; and
  • Annual renewal, including reports and $500 payment.

If you have a General Industrial Stormwater Permit, these new regulations will affect you.  Contact us so we can help you understand how these new requirements will affect you:

Steve Kirschner, P.E.
Senior Project Consultant

Chris Reitman, P.E.
Senior Project Consultant

Delaware Sediment & Stormwater Regulations Invalidated by Court

On October 7, 2015 the Delaware Superior Court ruled that the 2014 Sediment & Stormwater Regulations were invalid.  Why?   The very definition of "regulation" came to light.  The Technical Document issued by DNREC to provide guidance for following the new regulations was being enforced by DNREC as if it were law.  If it was intended to be enforced in this way, the Technical Document should have followed Delaware’s Administrative Procedures Act (APA) procedures for adoption as the regulations had.

Delaware Sediment and Stormwater Regulations Invalidated by Court

DNREC has appealed the Court's decision.  In the interim, DNREC has adopted emergency sediment and stormwater regulations, reinstating the 2014 regulations invalidated by the Court and is adopting the Technical Document as part of the regulations.  The interim regulations were adopted under the state's APA and will be in effect for 120 days and may be extended for an additional 60 days while the regulations and Technical Document go through the formal adoption process as required by state law.  

More information on this decision:

If you would like to discuss this issue in depth or would like to discuss your site issues, please contact:

Barry G. Stingel, RLA, ASLA
Senior Landscape Architect & Land Planner