AGC Attending Pennsylvania PFAS Action Team Public Meeting on April 15

As part of Advanced GeoServices’ ongoing efforts to continue servicing clients with PFAS issues, Steve Kirschner will be attending the Pennsylvania PFAS Action Team public meeting on April 15, 2019.  The meeting will discuss:

Image courtesy of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Image courtesy of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

  • PFAS Action Team;

  • MCL update;

  • Toxicological issues;

  • PFAS Pilot Study;

  • Laboratory Instrumentation;

  • Land Recycling Program Regulatory Package

  • Staff Sampling Training

  • Drinking Water Sampling Plan

  • EPA PFAS Action Plan

  • Sources, Impacts, & Water Supplier Needs

  • Township Recommendations

  • Redevelopment of the Willow Grove Site

  • PFAS Management

The Pennsylvania PFAS Action Team was created in September 2018 by Governor Wolf to address PFAS issues within the Commonwealth.  The Action Team is led by the secretaries of Environmental Protection, Health, Military and Veteran Affairs, Community and Economic Development, Agriculture, and the State Fire Commissioner.

Steve Kirschner leads the Montrose Emerging Contaminants Team, which is comprised of professionals that address PFAS issues impacting sampling, remediation, brownfields, water treatment, stormwater, air, laboratory instrumentation, chemistry, toxicology, industrial, water supplier, and municipal issues.  Montrose is able to combine our expertise from various experts nationwide to help our clients address their PFAS issues.  To learn more about the PA PFAS Action Team meeting or to discuss, contact:

Steve Kirschner, P.E.
Senior Project Consultant

Updates to PA Land Recycling Program

On August 27, 2016, the PA Bulletin published an amendment to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's (PADEP) Land Recycling Program (25 Pa. Code, Chapter 250), changing the administration of the Program.  Chapter 25 of the Pa. Code (The Land Recycling Program) was created to implement standards to clean up soil and/or groundwater contamination from releases of various toxic chemicals.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

The new amendments update the Medium-Specific Concentrations (MSCs) that are a part of the State-Wide Health Standards.  These updates provide clear information on the acceptable level of contamination at a site based on the intended use of the property, and provide a uniform endpoint to the remediation process.  Each site will have specific MSCs for each contaminated substance based on toxicological health risk:

1) specific constituents in groundwater at points of compliance,
2) specific constituents in soil, where there may be direct contact through ingestion or inhalation, and
3) specific constituents in soil that may leach into groundwater.

These amendments will help further promote the remediation and redevelopment of brownfield sites and bring these sites back to productive use for their communities.

To learn more about these regulations or to discuss your brownfield site, contact:

Chris Valligny, LSRP
Project Professional

Bernie Beegle, PG, CPG
Senior Project Professional