AGC Part of Adventure Aquarium's Penguin Exhibit Renovation Team

Penguin Exhibit at Adventure Aquarium

Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ has announced that its Penguin Island exhibit, home to their largest African penguin colony, will undergo major renovations that are specifically designed for the health and wellness of the animals.  Advanced GeoServices has been a proud participant in the design of these new renovations.

AGC is the aquarium’s civil engineering consultant for the renovations to Penguin Island, which originally opened in 1998.  In its initial phase of construction, this exhibit will receive new beach landscape custom rock-work with radiant heat around its 17,000 gallon pool. The pool itself will be converted to salt water in keeping with the bird’s natural habitat.

The second phase of construction will focus on the back-of-house operations of the exhibit with renovations and an expansion of the facility that will assist the aquarium’s staff in the care of the penguins, including a new holding pool and new nesting areas.

Advanced GeoServices’ civil design for the renovation included a site survey, geotechnical testing, new walkways, drainage design, and grading. We join Adventure Aquarium in celebrating this exciting project!

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Barry G. Stingel, RLA, ASLA
Project Consultant