4-Log Virus Inactivation Treatment for Drinking Water Systems

GPM Associates an Advanced GeoServices company

GPM Associates, an Advanced GeoServices company, has successfully designed systems to treat bacteria in drinking water systems, such as E-Coli and Total Coliform.  

GPM Associates recently completed the design and environmental permitting for new 4-Log virus inactivation treatment systems for several Public Community (PC) and Public Non-Community (PNC) water supply systems with groundwater supply wells, using a new chlorination feed system or multi-barrier, validated, ultra-violet (UV) light disinfection system.

virus inactivation treatment for bacteria in water systems

One project example includes the following: At a campground located in northern New Jersey that has its own PNC water supply system, Total Coliform bacteria and E-Coli bacteria were detected in the exisiting groundwater supply wells.  GPM Associates provided professional services to assist the campground with several items, including responding to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (NJDEP) Corrective Action Plan to resolve non-compliance issues including E-Coli bacteria contamination, environmental permitting, and full design of new 4-log virus inactivation treatment systems for several wells.  Services also included submitting a Groundwater Protection Plan to the NJDEP and working with the NJDEP, the local county health department, and the client to see the project through to its successful completion.  The system design included using sodium hypochlorite solution feed systems with plug flow contact piping for the groundwater supply wells.  As part of the Corrective Action Plan’s requirements, GPM also assisted the campground with updating water distribution plans, GIS mapping, and completing water and wastewater distribution system evaluations.  Since the camping season was approaching, this project had a tight schedule and GPM was able to provide its professional services to assist the client in getting the new treatment systems online, resolving the bacteria issues, and bring the system back into safe drinking water compliance with NJDEP, prior to the start of the camping season.

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