Utilizing Multiple Technologies to Remediate a Complex Site in NJ

Advanced GeoServices utilized several technologies to remediate a former manufacturing site.  Historical activities at the plant resulted in the contamination of soils, groundwater, surface water, and indoor air.   Tetrachloroethene (PCE) and Trichloroethene (TCE) were discovered in the subsurface media from the historical use of the Site.  The groundwater had been affected by chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as PCE and TCE. 

Utilizing Multiple Technologies to Remediate a Complex Site

We successfully delineated the 177-acre contamination plume in both the unconsolidated and the bedrock aquifers.  Because the site was extremely complex, we utilized Modeling and Risk Assessments to limit the amount and the cost of the Investigation as well as limiting remediation in areas where risks to human health or the environment were negligible.  AGC designed and oversaw implementation of the various remedial technologies, including injecting a combination of Persulfox, Plumestop and HRC in source area, Plumestop and HRC in two passive reactive barrier walls:

  • Persulfox to oxidize the TCE source area

  • Plumestop to provide an adsorption media to capture residual dissolved TCE

  • The HRC provided an anaerobic environment to promote microbial degradation of the TCE adsorbed by the Plumestop

  • The reactive barrier walls provided protection of the stream by adsorbing the TCE dissolved phase plume

  • The HRC providing an anaerobic environment for microbes to degrade the adsorbed TCE

As part of the reporting requirements, AGC prepared:

  • Vapor Concern Mitigation Plan

  • Immediate Environmental Concern (IEC) Annual Report, including a Site Investigation and a Remedial Action Report

  • Classification Exception Area Report

  • Remedial Investigation Report (RIR)

  • Remedial Action Workplan/Permit-By-Rule Request

To learn more about this project or how combining multiple technologies could remediate your site, contact:

Rick Shoyer, LSRP
Senior Project Consultant