Revised Administrative Guidance on Response Action Outcomes

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection uses a list serve to communicate to the public with respect to the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA).  Below is the latest guidance notification published on the list serve.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (Department) is announcing the availability of the revised administrative guidance "Issuance of Response Action Outcomes (RAOs)." Since the implementation of the ARRCS rules, the regulated community has provided substantial constructive input regarding the original guidance document, which was posted in May 2011. Some of the updates to the guidance document include:

  • A comprehensive explanation for each section of the document, including the addition of examples and scenarios
  • The application of media-specific situations within the Scope of Remediation section
  • The application of Limited Conveyance 
  • Instructions and use of all Notices
  • Consolidation of Notices regarding Child Care Facilities in one section
  • Addition of a Response Action Outcome Quick Reference Checklist
  • Instructions on amending the language in a Response Action Outcome
  • Instructions on withdrawing a Response Action Outcome

This guidance and a Change Log describing the updates are posted on the Department's website at

Also as part of this updated guidance, the Department is amending the "Soil Contamination From an Off-Site Source Not Remediated - Diffuse Anthropogenic Pollution" and the "Historically Applied Pesticides Not Addressed" Notices, and making available a new Notice, specific to "Ground Water Contamination due to Regional Historic Fill (Ground Water confirmation sampling has not been conducted)."  These Notices are available on the Department's website at, under Section E., New Response Action Outcome Notices.

If you have questions regarding the Site Remediation Reform Act or Response Action Outcomes, please contact Rick Shoyer at:

Rick Shoyer, LSRP