LSRP "Professional Judgment" - Call for Opinions

Advanced GeoServices’ Rick Shoyer, LSRP, is the Brownfields Coalition of the Northeast’s (BCONE) representative on the NJDEP Site Remediation Advisory Group (NJDEP SRAG). The next NJDEP SRAG meeting is June 10th, which Rick will be attending. The meeting will focus on “LSRP professional judgment”. The ability for LSRP’s to utilize their “professional judgment” is considered by Advanced GeoServices’ LSRPs to be a critical element in the practice of reasonable, cost-effective, and safe remedial investigations and remediations based on site-specific condition. As your LSRP, we are reaching out to our clients and attorneys for the following topics for discussion in the next NJDEP SRAG meeting:

(1)  topics for discussion related to professional judgment, and

(2)  volunteers to lead the panel discussions. 

LSRP "Professional Judgment" - Call for Opinions

The panels will include LSRPs, industry representatives, and attorneys. Please email Rick Shoyer by Monday, April 27 with ideas for the panels, and whether you are interested in participating as a panelist.

Other topics AGC would like your opinions on that are being discussed in various committees:

  • Key issues to be addressed in SRRA 2.0
  • "Should" LSRPA provide a list of member LSRP’s that are willing to be hired as a third party dispute resolution/Arbitrator/Mediator for when LSRP’s do not agree (example buyer/seller issues).
  • Litigation “Safe Harbor” provision to protect LSRP’s from frivolous law suits
  • Virtual Groundwater CEA’s for regional known contaminant plumes.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Rick Shoyer, LSRP