LSRP Brownfields Redevelopment

Advanced GeoServices is designing a surcharging program with provisions for management of impacted groundwater  to assist the property owner with meeting an aggressive construction schedule for a project that will allow the end use developer to build out the project with a shallow foundation system.   Advanced GeoServices' geotechnical and environmental engineering capabilities will allow the ground improvement program to reduce the overall building costs significantly by eliminating the need for deep foundations.  The project is being led by our Neptune, NJ office.   (Click here for a map showing representative brownfield projects in New Jersey.)



LSRP & UST Closure

Every Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) facility, spill, brownfield cleanup/redevelopment or regulated Underground Storage Tank (UST) project requires a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP).  LSRP’s have been delegated the NJDEP’s responsibility of ensuring a contaminated property is investigated and remediated in accordance with the regulations and technical guidance. Advanced GeoServices’ LSRP has been the LSRP for a wide range of projects including a public water supply well system with an Immediate Environmental Concern (IEC) , underground storage tank removals for manufacturing and gas station sites, LNAPL and DNAPL remediation, spills and linear construction remediation.  Advanced GeoServices has developed detailed conceptual site models and line-of-evidence approaches to guide groundwater and vapor intrusion assessments for evaluating the presence and effect of clean water lenses and correlation of groundwater concentrations to the presence of subsurface vapors. Advanced GeoServices' personnel have extensive experience with in-situ and ex-situ remedial technologies to address a host of chemical contaminants and help our Clients achieve a site closure that meet their business strategy.



Superfund Remediation

Advanced GeoServices has an extensive resume of soil remediation projects ranging from innovative, low-profile containment barriers to in-situ thermal treatment of TCE in clay soil to multi-year bioremediation Superfund projects.  Advanced GeoServices' remedial design engineers understand the importance of civil engineering, technically defensible performance specifications, storm water management, and air quality control and materials handling for large and small earth moving operations.  A signature Advanced GeoServices environmental design project is the Ciba-Geigy Superfund Site, one of the largest Superfund Sites in the country.  Advanced GeoServices teamed with Ciba’s in-house technical staff and served Ciba/BASF as the design engineer and owner’s construction engineer throughout the design and remedial action phases and as the Certifying Engineer upon completion of the project.  A unique feature of the site was an 80,000 SF biological Soil Treatment facility where over 350,000 cy of soil were successfully treated to remove VOCs & SVOCs through biodegradation.  Vapors were treated through a wood-fiber biofilter system.  Advanced GeoServices also designed the engineered covers and slurry walls for the four on-site disposal units.



Vapor Intrusion

Advanced GeoServices provided environmental investigation and design services for a 5-acre industrial tract being developed for mixed-use.  The project included the testing of the site building and over 30 residential properties surrounding the Site. Advanced GeoServices provided the vapor mitigation system design drawings and installation recommendations, and post installation testing and compliance reporting.  



Waterfront Permitting

Waterfront Permitting

Delivered approvals for a Reclaimed Water Service to service a 1,200 megawatt re-powered Generating Station.  The improvements were designed to allow for the delivery of treated effluent from a nearby Sewerage Authority to the Generating Station for use as non-contact cooling water, and for the return of water to the Sewerage Authority for retreatment prior to discharge.  The project involved construction of a one mile pipeline requiring two aerial crossings over tidal creeks.  Permits included a Corps Section 10 Permit, a NJDEP Waterfront Development Permit, a NJDEP Freshwater Wetlands General Permits & Transition Area Waiver, a NJDEP Treatment Works Approval and NJPDES permit modification allowing the beneficial reuse of the reclaimed water.  This was the first project of its kind approved by the NJDEP under the Technical Standards for Reclaimed Water for Beneficial Reuse which was in draft form at the time of the permit decision.





Performed a subsurface soils evaluation and designed a 500-foot long by 12-foot high vinyl bulkhead improvement for a mixed use marina/restaurant facility. Calculations, plans and specifications were prepared for the vinyl bulkhead which was value engineered to ensure adequacy of the wall without unnecessarily increasing construction cost.  Secured all of the required construction and waterfront permits for the bulkhead and performed construction management services, involving a standard AIA contract with Schedule of Values methodology for the project.



Safety/Facility Support

Advanced GeoServices conducts environmental, health and safety (EH&S) compliance audits and expanded environmental assessments at facilities to identify issues of concern and improve manufacturing processes, consistent with best industry practices.  Advanced GeoServices safety and industrial hygiene services also help our clients protect their most valuable assets – their employees.  Advanced GeoServices recently completed an EH&S audit to assist a venture capital firm and corporate management team identify best practice gaps and develop an action plan and schedule to improve the environmental management systems and practices.  Advanced GeoServices also performs spill prevention and response planning and training, geotechnical, storm water, utility corridor and pavement engineering designs for various types of industrial facilities.