NJ Dept of Health Right-to-Know Online Filing: Are You Prepared?

Recently, the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) has announced a new online system for public employers to submit their annual Right to Know (RTK) Survey by February 15, 2015. 

If you click on the link “instructions for completing the survey” you get the “simple easy to follow guide” of 39 pages!!!  It makes for many headaches.

There are several new requirements that will make this new filing difficult, such as:

  • All information must be manually entered into the state database, including all chemical and codes, etc.
  • You must now provide the manufacturer of the substance.  This means you have to get the MSDS, (Material Safety Data Sheet), as newly formatted by the state, for every product or compound for each area.  Many entities probably do not have them, or know if they are the “current” MSDS or an earlier one.
  • You can only list the ingredients from each product that are on the chemical list provided by the state, (if you have the substance or the minimum threshold amount).  For example, a product may have 5 ingredients and only 3 need to be listed.  The other 2 cannot be listed.  Another manufacturer of the same product may have 6 ingredients and 4 need to be filed.

Note:   We have a massive MSDS database, built over 24 + years, that maps the chemicals and all the applicable codes for each ingredient in the product for each Manufacturer! 

Before you begin to tackle the filing of the RTK survey, you must identify one person to be the Official RTK Coordinator (if you haven’t done so already).  Then the Official RTK Coordinator must register online and provide their contact information.  The deadline for registration is right around the corner—September 15, 2014!

Since our company has worked with these filings for over 24 years, we are in the perfect position to help eliminate the stress and can provide the internal resources to comply with this new system. 

Get started today and contact us: 

Steve Kirschner
Vice President