Stay Safe This Holiday Season: Ladder Safety

As the Holiday Season approaches, please remember to use proper ladder safety when setting up lights and decorations, or cleaning the gutters.  At Advanced GeoServices we want everyone to be safe - on and off the job!

10 Top Ladder Safety Tips:

1.    Do select the right ladder for the job
2.    Do NOT improvise by creating your own “ladder” with chairs, stools, etc…
3.    Do stabilize ladder, if necessary
4.    Do NOT exceed the ladder weight capacity
5.    Do make sure that the ladder is on a firm, level, non-slippery surface
6.    Do NOT use metal ladders near electrical lines/equipment
7.    Do center your body on the ladder
8.    Do NOT set up a ladder near a doorway or high traffic area unless you cordon off the area
9.    Do face the ladder at all times
10.    Do NOT use less than 3 points of physical contact with the ladder 

Advanced GeoServices is committed to safety.  To learn how your workplace can become a safer environment, contact

Steve Kirschner