Ash Basin

Ash Basin

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Detention Basins, Impoundments, and Ash Basins have proven problematic to many companies when they wish to discontinue these features since they can become very costly. For example, electrical utilities are faced with an abundance of coal ash that cannot be put to beneficial reuse. They must find a way to handle it and remain compliant, while minimizing their costs. Advanced GeoServices works with our basin and impoundment clients to find solutions to the issues they face. Since this can be a complicated process, we excel at helping our clients navigate the maze of increasingly detailed and complex, and often conflicting, regulatory guidance.

Advanced GeoServices evaluates the basin and impoundment regulations for our clients and proposes ways to reduce their risk and reduce their costs. It may be in the form of a type of cap, a waiver, strategic grading, or the incorporation sustainable elements into the design. We can employ different tools to identify the solution, such as an evaluation of groundwater conditions, an evaluation of soil geotechnical properties, and utilization of HELP modeling.

We have assisted our clients with such issues as dam deregulation, waivers to limit infiltration, dewatering for ash stabilization, dust control, permit modifications, and ways of handling special ash conditions.

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