Tips to Stay Safe in Summer

The summer season is here and everyone needs to take extra precautions when spending time outdoors.  Safety is paramount at Advanced GeoServices.  We have compiled a quick list of tips for staying safe this summer:

Summer Safety image.jpg

1.      Wear sunscreen

2.      Hydrate and avoid caffeinated, alcoholic, or sugary beverages

3.      Replace salt with fruit juice or sports beverages

4.      Pay attention to the weather and dressed appropriately And bring rain gear if needed

5.      Avoid heavy exertion during the warmest hours of the day

6.      Check a weather app each day for air-quality and weather alerts+

7.      Protect your eyes with sunglasses

8.      Protect your Head with a hat or a visor

9.      Use proper ladder safety

10.   Pace yourself in extreme heat conditions

11.   Be cognizant of the symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion

12.   Beware of insects and inspect for ticks and tick bites

13.   Avoid contact with poisonous plants

14.   Watch out for poisonous animals and insects

15.   When burning campfires stay in designated areas, avoid overhanging branches, use a fire ring, and keep alert for wind warnings

16.   Only barbeque on a flat, level surface and use the recommended lighters and fuel

17.   Be cautious around open water bodies and have safety gear nearby (e.g., life jackets)

18.   If operating a water craft, be sure to wear a life jacket and watch for potential storms

19.   Be alert for upcoming storms – remember that if thunder roars, go indoors. 

20.   Avoid contact with anything metal during thunderstorms

Have you thought of other tips?  If so, please share your thoughts in the comment section.

For more information on staying safe this summer, Advanced GeoServices’ Health and Safety Officer:

Bernie Beegle, CPG, P.G.
Senior Project Professional