PA Act 2 Closure at a Residential Property

PA Act 2 Closure at a Residential Property

A No. 2 fuel-oil release occurred at a residential property in Bucks County, PA.   On behalf of an estate, Advanced GeoServices conducted soil closure reporting services associated with a release of No. 2 fuel-oil from an aboveground storage tank (AST) located in the basement of the residence under the Pennsylvania Land Recycling Program (Act 2). The property was vacant and the estate was preparing the property for sale.

The report established that contaminated soil was excavated from beneath the basement floor and Advanced GeoServices collected soil samples from the excavation to demonstrate compliance.  Based on the rapid remedial response to the release, all apparently impacted (source) material had been removed from the Site and properly disposed.  Post-remediation soil sampling attained Statewide Health Standards and Advanced GeoServices determined that the release did not impact groundwater. Based on these conditions, a Release of Liability for Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) No. 2 fuel-oil parameters, as set forth under Act 2, was obtained.

According to the client, “As a result of vandalism, we experienced an oil spill in our basement.   During the clean up process it was discovered that the underground water had evidence of oil.  At this point we engaged Advanced GeoServices to remediate this situation and to enable us to obtain a PADEP approval according to the Act 2 standards.  Throughout this process, Advanced GeoServices efforts were performed with professionalism, respect for our property, and constant communication concerning changes and/or progress.  Their openness to any and all questions was a definite plus.  Thanks to their efforts and diligence, we recently received our approval letter from the PADEP.”

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