AGC part of Greater Philadelphia's Middle Market Growth

Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia

AGC's recently attended the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia's (Chamber) "Growth Matters: Activating Greater Philadelphia’s Middle Market" event to discuss Mobilizing Philadelphia's Middle Market, which includes companies with revenues between $10 million and $1 billion.  According to the Chamber, these companies "currently represent 27 percent of total regional employment, despite accounting for only approximately one percent of companies." 

The Chamber studied the middle market and released the findings in their Mobilizing Greater Philadelphia’s Middle Market study, which "explores the middle market’s impact on the region’s economy and examines the key findings that distinguish the potential for significant job growth middle market companies can create."

According to the Report, six key themes could encourage middle market growth in the region:

1. STEM and front-line talent
2. Sustaining growth in closely held businesses
3. Access to capital needed for growth
4. Business climate
5. Transportation infrastructure
6. Industry hubs and startup pipeline

AGC is actively involved in transforming the "Industry hubs and startup pipeline" through the Chamber's Greater Philadelphia's Energy Action Team (GPEAT), with her focus on transforming the Philadelphia region into an Energy Hub.  In addition to working with the Chamber and GPEAT, Skelly has arranged events through other professional organizations to connect people and help create the Energy Hub. 

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To learn more about how you can benefit from the the Greater Philadelphia Middle Market Growth, contact Steve at:

Steve Kirschner
Senior Project Consultant