We thought they were crazy!

Driving up to north New Jersey for a pre-bid site walk, we looked at each other and said, "So, do we really want to bid this work?"  

former industrial manufacturing facility redevelopment

They wanted the 70% cap design (7.2 acres of a former industrial manufacturing facility being redeveloped) within 10 days of project award and 5 days to turn around the 70 % into the 90%.  We knew we could do the work, but the schedule was crazy it seemed.  Turns out we under estimated ourselves.  We effectively captured the client’s design concept during our one-on-one site walk and talked through many design detail options such that we were able to streamline the cap design process.  Getting it done was a herculean effort of internal coordination, daily design team meetings, quality control procedures and consistent client communication.  On time and on budget was paramount on this one.  At the end of the day, I think we surprised our new (and happy) client since he said this was the first time one of his consultants had actually met their schedule on this project.

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