Groundwater Remedy for the K&L Superfund Site

oxidation/ozone system for groundwater remediation

Advanced GeoServices Corp. was selected by CSI Environmental to provide civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering services as part of CSI’s turn-key approach for the design/installation of the groundwater remedy at the K&L Superfund Site in Baltimore, Maryland. 

The key component of the water treatment system was combining a metal removal system using peroxide as a main reaction followed by an  oxidation (i.e., ozone) system to destroy a mixed-suite of chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the extracted groundwater (approximately 60 gpm).  The Oxidation System takes advantage of residual peroxide exiting the metal removal system.  The peroxide-ozone reaction creates a hydroxyl radical which has a higher oxidation-reduction potential, eliminating the need for multiple treatment processes to treat several recalcitrant compounds such as 1,4 Dioxane and other chlorinated sister by-products.  The system also eliminated the need for an air permit and handling of secondary treatment granular activated carbon (GAC).  Long-term operation and maintenance (O&M) costs are anticipated to be less due to the greater simplicity of the system.  The system started full-scale operation in the spring of 2016.

For more information about the K&L Superfund Site or to discuss a project contact:

Chris Reitman, P.E.

Rick Shoyer, LSRP